SubTerrain is a project started on 4th July 2006. Initially it's function is to tie together some pictures I've taken of either old abandoned structures or pictures taken in subterranian environments.

Thames Estuary Maunsell Forts

Out in the middle ot the Thames Estuary stand some very sinister looking structures indeed. Join me on a boat trip out to see these World War two forts that errily look loke something from another planet.

Maunsell Forts

Kew Bridge Steam Museum Sumps

Kew Bridge Steam Museum is a fine museum containing the world's biggest collection of steam pumping engines and is based in an original Victorian water pumping station. Beneath the museum is a labyrinth of tunnels and pools. Come along and view some of the pipe ridden tunnels.

Maunsell Forts

Hywel Williams
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