Thames Estuary Maunsell Forts

Part 5 - Nore Fort

Nore Fort was the nearest of the Maunsell forts to the shore, situated north east of Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey. Built at the same time as Shivering Sands and Red Sands it was also built with the same configuration and design.

It was abandoned by the army when the War ended, though the fort was maintained for several years afterwards.

The fort was damaged by a storm in 1953 and 2 months later a ship vered off course destroying two of its towers. Four people were killed in this accident and soon after, all three forts were abandoned to the elements. As this fort was closer to land, very close to the Thames shipping lane, it was dismantled in 1959.

The metal superstructure was recovered for scrap and the concrete bases were towed and dumped near Cliffe on the Hoo peninsular, where they can be seen today in low tide.

One concrete base remains intact along with the stumps of its four pillars - one can get a good idea of the size of the concrete foundations.

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